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CaribMedical is a Caribbean Doctor’s Directory where medical professionals can register their profile, list their practice and accept requests for online appointments. Patients can find doctors, see their available opening hours and request an appointment instantly online.

No, we do not provide healthcare.  We simply provide a platform by which patients can locate and contact medical professionals.

Using CaribMedical is totally free! Of course, you will have to pay the costs associated with your doctor’s visit when you go to your appointment.

Doctors must be licensed nationally, be in good standing with their island’s medical boards, and meet a number of other guidelines in order to list their profile on CaribMedical. This is to ensure that you get the best possible medical experience. We may choose to list UNregistered doctors but if we do we will be sure to let you know!

Here is what Wikipedia says: “In 1950, the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) in London began to offer surgeons a formal status via RCS membership. The title Mister became a badge of honour, and today, in many Commonwealth countries, a qualified doctor who, after at least four years’ training, obtains a surgical qualification (formerly Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, but now also Member of the Royal College of Surgeons or a number of other diplomas) is given the honour of being allowed to revert to calling themselves Mr, Miss, Mrs or Ms in the course of their professional practice, but this time the meaning is different. It is sometimes assumed that the change of title implies consultant status (and some mistakenly think non-surgical consultants are Mr too), but the length of postgraduate medical training outside North America is such that a qualified surgeon may be years away from obtaining such a post: many doctors used to obtain these qualifications in the senior house officer grade, and remain in that grade when they began sub-specialty training. The distinction of Mr (etc.) is also used by surgeons in the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Barbados, New Zealand, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and some other Commonwealth countries. ” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surgeon 

So if your surgeon is a Mr or a Miss, that is a good thing!

Yes, they can! Hence our name CaribMedical.  Our platform is available to all Caribbean islands.

Requesting an appointment is easy.

  1. On our homepage just enter your name, email address, the date and your phone number.
  2. Click Request Appointment. You will be taken to our Request Appointments page to complete your request.
  3. On the Requests Appointments page, go through the steps to enter your Patient Information, Select the Doctor and Confirm and Send. Fill in the fields and enter as much information as possible.
  4. After you have filled in all the information, click Request Appointment.

Alternatively, you can just go to our Requests Appointments page from our top menu.

Please be sure to enter all your information correctly, especially your email address and phone number as this is the only way doctors will be able to contact you.

You may contact the doctor via email or phone to cancel your request.  To change the request to a different time or day you can redo the request appointment time adding in the note section that you are changing a previous request. 

Your doctor gets this information. Write anything you would like to tell your doctor but please use discretion about sending too much personal information via the internet.

Yes, you may!  If for example you live in St. Lucia and would like to request an appointment with a doctor in Barbados, go right ahead! All that’s left is your airline ticket.

About Us

CaribMedical is an online Caribbean Doctor Directory designed to help patients find and request doctor's appointments online.


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Megan wrote
Hi Bob. What time will be the meeting ?
Hi Megan. It's at 2.30PM
Megan wrote
Will the development team be joining ?
Yes sure. I invited them as well
Megan wrote
Noted. For the Coca-Cola Mobile App project as well ?
Yes, sure.
Please also prepare the quotation for the Loop CRM project as well.
Megan wrote
Noted. I will prepare it.
Thanks Megan. I will see you later.
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Sure. See you in the meeting soon.
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